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Sunday, October 11th

6:00 PM


Hunnewell Road

 West end of the golf course

Pictures by: Shawn and Josh

Brecken Newton, David C., Jackson Newton and Cameron Skillings

Thanks to: Lucas LeBlanc Logan Smith and Cameron Skillings for helping me tear the rotted decking off and laying new decking down last night in the dark so we didn't disturb any golfers.  Josh

Pictures by: David C  right & below

Josh Mckenney hauling the planks, Logan Smith and Logan Cowan spiking them down

Bridge down in the woods behind the clubhouse

Thanks for the help guys.

Last bridge at the golf course thirty plus feet.  Old planking removed by SXS, David Campbell and Logan Smith.  New planking laid in place and spiked by Brecken Newton, Logan Smith and David Campbell.

Bridge number 4 redecked and rubber matts down.  Original decking and rubber matts removed by Logan Smith and Seth Dillon, planks hauled in by Glenn Conners and David Campbell, then Sunday Brecken Newton, Josh McKenney, Logan Smith, Cody Couturier and (David Campbell stayed out of their way and took pictures) laid down new planking, spiked them into place.


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